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10 Ways People Self-Sabotage

What does self-sabotage mean ?

Welcome back to BPMAG Blog. Nice to see you here. How are you doing today ?

In today's blog post I am explaining in detail on how behavioral self-destructions keep you far away from your goals and from living a fulfilled life.

For example , you want to finish your given task but all you do is keep procrastinating . Or you are always late, because you kept hitting the snooze button. You know what I mean ? We all been there and probably still keep doing it. This and more leads to self-sabotage and a life of mediocrity . One of the key reasons people self-sabotage is a lack of self-esteem. These thoughts and feelings cause negative self-talk, which fuels your fears. This #blogpost is for you when you are tired of the same ole pattern. This post is for you when you're ready to change the outcome of your life. Now here's a quick overview of 10 ways people self-sabotage :

1. Imposter Syndrome

Thinking that you're not good enough to do something. That's not true ! Do you hear me ? You're enough. You're capable of doing something great. Don't let comparison be the thief of your joy.

2. Always being late

Poor time management shows everyone the type of person you are... You don't take others including yourself seriously. Wow, this one hit home for me : You don't value the one thing you and I care the most about, TIME .

3. The forever pessimist

You always believe things will never work out. That's actually not you, but your fears does the talking. And don't get me wrong, being sceptic about something or expecting nothing is okay to a certain degree. But when you surround yourself in negativity you will drown and get lost . Don't punish yourself for things you can't control. Find joy in the little things in life and allow yourself to be happy. Everything else filled with negativity , cut it off !

4. Poor prioritization skills

Often people don't know the difference between what's important and not. Your social media tabs are open and keep notifying you who posted a new picture while you're trying to do your homework . One thing for sure, you will get distracted and your thought process is constantly being interrupted . You will not achieve great results. You lack resilience : Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard . Persistence and resilience are one of the biggest differentiators in pushing through difficult times.

5. Being scared to go out of your #comfortzone

This behavioral pattern has people sacrificing things that are good for them in exchange of mediocrity . The challenge is meant to be hard, because that's how you become strong. Old ways won't open new doors !

You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone

6. Procrastinating

Oh well , the one friend your parents knew will baldy influence your character and we didn't want to listen. I don't have to say much about this one. Procrastination is by far everyones favorite form of self-sabotage, laziness. Tricking your mind and body to do the important work, or writing your important tasks down to include the good habit in your daily routine, are examples to fight this giant.

7. It's never enough

Example : You always dreamt about getting a bigger house, now that you own it it's not enough. Suddenly the backyard is too small. You move, but one thing is not perfect in your eyes again, the neighborhood . The problem is not others or the things around you , YOUR PERSPECTIVE on life is the problem. The ingredients changed but the result stayed the same. Gratitude turns what we have into, enough. It is powerful for your inner happiness. Your happiness does not depend on others or material things, neither your mind. Gratitude is stored in your own heart. Practice it and your perspective on life will change. The things you thought were important become minuscule .

8. Lack of emotional intelligence

If a person leaves his thinking to his emotions, it makes him blind to everything else. These emotional circuits lead to the fact that people do not reflect, but react. Different emotional perspective is the reason why people argue. Uncontrollable situation may occur in life like the loss of a person. It's okay to weep but don't suffocate in it that leads to depression or hurting yourself. The root of this problem is probably in your childhood. The time of self-sabotage is over ! Take back the wheel , you got this !

9. Staying in toxic relationships

You didn't stay because of the children or because you grew up with them. The hidden truth is that you accepted misery as your destiny. You've never learned to say NO. Don't feel guilty to remove toxic people from your life. By that you are a step closer in loving yourself.

10. Trying to keep with everybody just for appearance

Don't follow every trend out there. Trends are ways to get you to buy things you don't need under the pretense that it will make you feel happy and accepted. Your self-esteem does not depend on trends or validation of others. You are not a passing phase, focus more on longevity . Unplug yourself from insecurity and seek the true meaning of YOU.


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