Behind the brand : Unrefined Riches - Interview with founder Adelaide Wolters

A black-owned brand that caters to ALL skin types ? Yes, Unrefined Riches made it happen and we are more than excited to talk about it today.

Before reviewing the products , let's meet the founder - Adelaide Wolters.

Adelaide is a 23 years old Ghanian woman born and raised in Germany. Married and living her most glow-rious life. That was not always the case. She once suffered from extremely dry skin, hyperpigmentation, sun-allergy, teenage name it. Desperately knocking on doors that were not meant to be open to darker skin tones. Against all odds, Adelaide paved her own way and came up with a solution to her problems by formulating her first product - She(a)Raw. A whipped sheabutter cream mixed with powerful oils like jojoba oil, black cumin oil, vitamin E and more. After her friends and family with different skin tones and types tested it , the results spoke for itself. Adelaide's seed was planted that day.

Enough said, now let us enjoy the interview with the founder of Unrefined Riches.

BPMAG : Did you always knew that you would become an entrepreneur ?

ADELAIDE : To be honest, I never thought before that I would start and run my own business.

Furthermore, my environment always taught me that a 9-5 employment was always the safest plan.

Only when my product, which is known today as the SHE[A] RAW, gave me the desire to give people of all kinds, no matter what skin colour, skin type or hair structure, the opportunity to feel good in their skin, did I think about starting my own business

BPMAG : Love & business, could you work with your spouse ?

ADELAIDE : Interesting question!

My husband supports me as best he can in my decisions regarding Unrefined Riches. I think this is already a form of teamwork, so yes!

BPMAG : What was the first product you’ve launched and how did you knew there’s was a demand for that?

ADELAIDE : The first product I released was the SHE[A] RAW - an enriched shea cream with valuable oils and antioxidant rich vanilla extract.

After I finally got my skin problems (melasma, dark spots, severe skin impurities, sun allergy) under control with my shea cream and also friends and acquaintances who curiously used my shea cream achieved great results as well, I knew that I could help other people with this product. A matter of fact is that my friends and acquaintances had different skin types and skin ccomplexions and still were all satisf