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Best Dressed & On-Theme at the Met Gala 2022 | Gilded Glamour hit or miss?

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

It seems like every year 90% of the guests don’t care about the dresscode. Why did most of them mistake “Golden age of Hollywood” (1910-1960) with “Gilded Glamour“ (1870-1900) ? I think ”Gilded“ was the confusing part. Although it does mean ”golden” , but the connotation is different. Gilded was also the epitome of the wealthy and upper class society - La bourgeoisie but in the U.S. The aristocrats, that loved to showcase their fortune on clothes in extravaganza! More is more ! Opulence, silk, velvet, bows, corsets, gloves, elegant and outstanding headpieces, feathers, embroidery etc. make all the noise.

Let’s see who was on-theme in gilded glamour. Read on to find out who we crowned “The best dressed“ of that night.

  1. Normani

2. Anitta

3. Cardi B




4. Doja Cat

5. Laura Harrier

6. Sza

7. Kerry Washington




8. Lizzo


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