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Bianca Saunders | A Successful Stretch To Our Hearts? | Spicy Fashion Critique

@biancasaunders / “A Stretch” Solo Show / AW22

Fashion Week has started and I’m thrilled to see new black designers, new collections and new black models. Some fresh air and innovative designs.

In this SPICY FASHION CRITIQUE , I will analyze different design techniques, innovation and creativity of those designers that really caught my attention this #fashionweek season.

This is not meant to be denigrating nor disrespectful, if you think otherwise, let me kindly know in the comment section below.

Bianca Saunders AW22

Who is Bianca Saunders ?

Bianca Saunders is a London based menswear designer. Her innovative exploration of “the spectrum of masculinity“ is sharp and very well structured.

She is the first Black British Designer to win the ANDAM (

Fashion Award. As a result, she received 300.000 euros and one year of mentoring from Balenciaga’s CEO , Cédric Charbit. At only 27, Saunders success journey is just beginning.

Bianca Saunders had her debut show in Paris showcasing her Autumn/Winter Collection “A Stretch“. Here are our favorites !


A classic! Reminds me of the 90’s. The jacket’s silhouette is more loose and can be combined with like a plain white tee or print shirt. Also this loose straight form fitting jeans are amazing. I can imagine it with some crisp white sneakers.


This piece is more structured and more form fitting. Although this type of Jean jacket is quite popular, I still like it. What I like the most is the front split at the end of this pair of jeans. The trendy split is more seen in womenswear. I like the idea !


This is interesting! We have structure, asymmetrical lines and loose fitting combined together here. At this point, I’m really curious what Saunders thought - process was. This is different and bold. Love this, I would wear it myself !


Casually chic ! It’s simple but the fabric really elevates the whole outfit. Love this !


This reminds me of my dad. No joke, my dad used to wear a similar jacket and pants on a Sunday when meeting friends&family. With this outfit you will not look negligé but presentable for different occasion.


It’s giving 90’s R&B Group vibe. A classic tenue with a statement leather pants and a splash of color at the bottom - EFFORTLESS.


I’m not really feeling this. What do you think?


I call this  »À l’époque« (Back in the day). You know 60s and 70s. I would pair these pants with a green or beige shirt, even black would go well together.


I absolutely love this color combination! I can see myself wearing this.


Yesss, totally feeling it! Pair this alert red outfit with some white sneakers, a bracelet and some black sunglasses- and nobody can tell you nothin’ !


It’s a yes for me ! The satin scarf really completes the whole look.

Overall Saunders “A Stretch” collection was a hit and she did deliver perfection & boldness and a beautiful mix of minimalism and color.

Keep up with Saunders:

IG @biancasaunders


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