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Businesswomen on the rise !

We did get the chance to interview #businesswomen , who are already on the rise. In case you didn't get the memo . Here are they ! Let us introduce to you Erica Dias ! *clap* *clap*


BP : Welcome ! First of all, how was your day today?

ERICA : My day was amazing! Very productive! 

BP : We discovered you on Instagram and were very impressed in what you’re doing. Could you please tell our readers what exactly BFirmPR stands for?

ERICA : The B in the B Firm PR is the first initial of my fathers last name.  Our firm is a family operated business. My sister; Ashley Jernigan and I (Erica Dias) own; The B Firm PR. 

BP : Great ! With whom (which brand) did you work with so far ? And did you learn something new along the way?

ERICA : I‘ve worked with some amazing clients; including Gravity Indoor Trampoline Park, which is the first Black Owned indoor trampoline park in Snellville GA, and another phenomenal family owned business called; The Wright Stuff Chics, which is a phenomenal company full of trendy gifts for teachers, created by teachers. This company is doing some great things! Other clients have included various fashion and beauty brands, athletes and nonprofits. I have learned so much from all of my clients. I learned  more about being a great leader, and running a business effectively. 

BP : Really impressive! Let’s talk about you, as a person. When was that moment, you’ve realized that it’s time for you to change?

ERICA : When I was younger I had aspirations to be a school teacher. PR is like teaching but not in a classroom setting, so I decided that I wanted to be more involved with the schools, and pour into the students, sharing my journey and giving them inspiration. So created a book called FAITH IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT, a book full of inspirational quotes that will get you through the year, sold in Barnes & Noble. It’s my way of teaching and giving back.  I also created a intimate luncheon called; Erica’s Table of 20, which is a great place for men and women to connect, engage and inspire. I am embarking on my 29th event August 5th. Check out my event @tableof20 

BP : Reminiscent to your Childhood . What dream job did you have in mind, when you was a little girl? 

ERICA : I wanted to be the next June Ambrose, she’s one of the best costume designers in the industry. I had the pleasure of meeting her and interning with her on a video set, back in the day. That opportunity changed my life! 

BP : Great ! What kind of advice would you give a woman, who wants to be financially independent?

ERICA : Start by starting! Block out the noise. Stay FOCUSED & PRAYED UP! 

BP : Thank you for being part of the first Issue of Black Pepper Magazine. One last question. How do you like the idea of Black Pepper Magazine?

ERICA : I loveeeee the idea and concept! Thank You for this opportunity! If you ever need a Publicist for Black Pepper Magazine, I WOULD LOVE TO BE APART! 


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You can follow her PR & Marketing Firm on Instagram @thebfirmpr & @EricaDias1010 .

Let's break it down for you. If you have a business and you want to expand your reach and promote your #business to thousands of people , we got you !


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