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‘Clean As a Whistle’: Steve Harvey Fans Go Crazy Over His Latest Suit-and-Tie Combinations

Steve Harvey was practically deemed a fashion god on social media Thursday evening, after he flossed his most classic looks in a two-minute Instagram clip.

Set to singer Masego’s hit remix “Mystery Lady,” the video showed Steve rocking several custom-made Dolce & Gabbana suits, while on the set of popular game show “Family Feud.” His gaudy attire ranged from neon yellow to fuchsia pink combinations.

“THEY CALL ME BLUE CHEESE, CAUSE I BE DRESSING!” the 64-year-old comedian boasted to his six million followers.

Steve’s IGTV racked up more than 360,000 views and over thousands of comments. One fan raved over the star’s dapper wear and wrote, “Say What you want about this man, but it's the confidence, the walk and the attire for me!🔥”

Another added, “Clean as a whistle! Put some respeck on his name.. Steve could dress all day every day.”

Last month, the “Original Kings of Comedy” actor was named one of GQ magazine’s best dressed men due to his snazzy fashion sense.

Steve, whose entire look began to change after marrying his beloved wife Marjorie Harvey in 2007, currently has a suit line which is available at Sears, Belk, Kohls and a few other stores. The “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” author no longer wears linen suits, and clearly takes pride in his revamped style.

The celeb’s step-daughter and model Lori Harvey, 24, also takes credit for Steve’s fashion transformation. She told ET in January, “The best fashion advice I’ve given to my dad was to start wearing tailored suits.”

Written by Tia Berger


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