COVER STORY w/ celebrity ... !

...Kim Hawthorne known also from the Drama-Serie Greenleaf by Oprah Winfrey Network & Founder of #TheRegalWrap . Photo Credit : Eli Joshua, instagram @eli_joshua . Headwrap by The Regal Wrap - empress Dorothea .

We are honored and humbled at the same time to have the chance to #interview #kimhawthorne as our first cover story and special guest ! Let's dive right into this exclusive conversation ...

BP : Let’s welcome Kim Hawthorne in to our first edition of Black Pepper

Magazine! We hope you’re doing well. We first saw you on the OWN-Serie ,

Greenleaf as Kerissa and we must say your role as a mother is really impressive.

Excellent job !

Now, let’s begin with the Q&A . How did your acting career started & how

were you discovered for Greenleaf?

KIM : I knew I wanted to be an actor at the age of 8 when a performance troupe came

to my school. I can remember watching them and thinking, “I want to do that!”

I went on to study opera and classical piano for years, which earned me a

scholarship to study classical music at college. I eventually earned a Bachelor’s

degree in Musical Theatre. Once I left college I started working on tv and in

regional theater, even starring on Broadway in The Life.

If you visit and type my name in you’ll see my 20 plus years of tv and

film credits before Greenleaf was even on the map.

Greenleaf came about as a result of an audition. I went in and put myself on

tape with the casting director and the next day my manager called to inform me

that I had been cast in the roll of Kerissa Greenleaf. It was quite the outer body


BP : Awesome! Imagine if you didn’t succeed in acting, what would have been

your “plan b” ?

KIM : I’ve always had other interests outside of acting. I am a certified hypnotherapist.