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COVER STORY w/ celebrity ... !

...Kim Hawthorne known also from the Drama-Serie Greenleaf by Oprah Winfrey Network & Founder of #TheRegalWrap . Photo Credit : Eli Joshua, instagram @eli_joshua . Headwrap by The Regal Wrap - empress Dorothea .


We are honored and humbled at the same time to have the chance to #interview #kimhawthorne as our first cover story and special guest ! Let's dive right into this exclusive conversation ...


BP : Let’s welcome Kim Hawthorne in to our first edition of Black Pepper

Magazine! We hope you’re doing well. We first saw you on the OWN-Serie ,

Greenleaf as Kerissa and we must say your role as a mother is really impressive.

Excellent job !

Now, let’s begin with the Q&A . How did your acting career started & how

were you discovered for Greenleaf?

KIM : I knew I wanted to be an actor at the age of 8 when a performance troupe came

to my school. I can remember watching them and thinking, “I want to do that!”

I went on to study opera and classical piano for years, which earned me a

scholarship to study classical music at college. I eventually earned a Bachelor’s

degree in Musical Theatre. Once I left college I started working on tv and in

regional theater, even starring on Broadway in The Life.

If you visit and type my name in you’ll see my 20 plus years of tv and

film credits before Greenleaf was even on the map.

Greenleaf came about as a result of an audition. I went in and put myself on

tape with the casting director and the next day my manager called to inform me

that I had been cast in the roll of Kerissa Greenleaf. It was quite the outer body


BP : Awesome! Imagine if you didn’t succeed in acting, what would have been

your “plan b” ?

KIM : I’ve always had other interests outside of acting. I am a certified hypnotherapist.

I am a jewelry designer and I also design ready-to-wear head wraps. You can

check those out at

Now, when I was going to college for musical theatre I did not have a plan b

because I felt that meant I wasn’t serious about making it as a performer. But as

I got older and found more hobbies. I realized that I could monetize some of

those hobbies to create multiple streams of income for my family.

BP : Since we do talk about Womanhood & know that women deal with a lot of

insecurities. Especially with the Social Media Boom and the massive influence.

What kind of advice would you give a 15-year old girl?

KIM : Oh! Know that people can project whatever they want on social media. It’s not

really real but sometimes just a projection of how someone wants to be seen or

wants to see themselves.

I would encourage young women to read books that help them grow and think.

Make life more about how they can be of service to others. And make sure to

surround themselves with people who want to see them win.

BP : How would you describe the development of the Black Woman in America ?

KIM : Well, that’s a loaded question. Not sure in what way you mean. I can’t speak

for all Black women. I’m only one. And I don’t want to get into generalities. I

will say this: I am proud to be a Black woman. I love being Black. I love our

culture and resilience. I love our creativity and our zest for life. We are soulful

and powerful. We are the womb of humanity. Queens and goddesses.

BP : Let’s talk about your roots ! Have you ever done a DNA/Ancestry Test ? If no,

where would you guess your Ancestors came from?

KIM : Cameroon. Nigeria. Congo. Ghana. Bantu. Ireland. Scotland. Scandinavia. I

have done the DNA thing.

BP : You have created a Headwrap Business and it looks great! What was your

vision, when you first started it ?

Photo by Eli Joshua.

KIM : Ease. Ease. Ease. I know what a pain in the butt it is for me to wrap a head

wrap correctly on the first try. I started to see a lot of my fb friends saying they

wished they knew how to tie a head wrap or that they wanted to wear them. So,

that’s how I got the idea to create a head wrap that is pre-tied, where the

woman puts it on as easy as a hat.

The Regal WrapTM has been going for a little less than a year and it’s been quite

fruitful. I love seeing clients post pictures of themselves wearing their Regal

Wraps! It’s the best feeling.

BP : What can we expect from you in the future?

KIM : Books and public speaking. I have a lot of things rolling around in my head.

We’ll see how much I get done before I leave this body!

BP : Nice ! You can count on our support! Do you mind sharing your secret in how

you stay motivated, even when all odds are against you?

KIM : I just know that if I don’t do it for myself, it won’t get done. I don’t like to sit

around and whine or talk things to death. I’m a doer. I like action and I love the

challenge of reaching a new goal!

We profoundly enjoyed interviewing you and appreciate your time and support!

To buy some of her #headwrap collection , here is the website :

Photo by Eli Joshua.

She is worthy Regal Wrap . Beautiful deep blue with a lovely, subtle pattern. Extra stretch and comfortable. - Kim Hawthorne (Founder)


First Cover of Black Pepper Magazine . Photo Credit : Klarque Garrison. His instagram & Website : & Facebook @Klarque Garrison .

Headwrap available here :


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