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'' Every child is an artist. The problem is ...

... how to remain an artist once we grow up.'' - Pablo Picasso

UPCLOSE & PERSONAL with Richard Williams.


BP : Dear Richard, first of all thank you for being part of the first Issue of Black Pepper Magazine !

Richard , you are quite well known in Frankfurt, Germany . We know you through your #streetartperformances . Furthermore, you also have been interviewed by several local newspapers. It's just amazing how powerful and thoughtful your Art is. What we absolutely admire is the fact that your art work portrays the truth about politics and the history of your homeland Trinidad.

RICHARD : Correct. I’ve always been interested in discovering new materials to use in my work. I’ve noticed that my present surroundings , like the street or nature, have a lot to offer in terms of materials and ideas. This spontaneous reaction is a kind of fuel for my creativity. Time is also a factor – to acquire the material for the Art on Street project needs perseverance and time, and this time allows the development and strengthening of my instinct for the rationale behind the art work.

BP : When did you discover your passion for art ?

RICHARD : As a child I was alone a lot and was always making comes—having access to my older brothers’ brushes, pens and whatever tools they left outside in the yard. I enjoyed using stone, dirt, nails and other found objects from my yard or the neighbour’s yard. I remember making houses and complex micro-networks linking different elements together. Every day was a creative adventure. To me the yard represented the whole world.

BP : Wow, very impressive ! Your alias is also 'Bloody Republic' , what does it mean ?

RICHARD : The word Bloody Republic is the present situation in Trinidad stems from the uprising of violent murders and criminal activities.

I rarely do illegal Street Art for me I am not interested in   The adrenaline rush and besides that, I tend to do fine details in my street art and this is extremely difficult in that touch-and-go situations. But when I travel and practice, sometimes I can't help it at moments. Eg in Athens this year..

BP : Most of your art work is on the street. How do people react to it ?

RICHARD : I am not too interested in people's looking at my art on the street, if it happens this is a win for me, but my main audience is in line, sometimes my work stays up for years and other times within hours its vandalized. BP : Tell us, brother, how do you feel displaying your art work in Germany ? Is it difficult ?

RICHARD : The choice of material is within my daily living space in Germany. However, being in Germany does not affect the themes I’m interested in working with in my practice. I feel geographically distant from Trinidad and yet I am interested in making my statement through my art, to tell stories of the news I receive on the internet about Trinidad. I am trying to use the language of art to reach audiences that would probably never consider the dialogue about issues that are originating in Trinidad and still of global concern. It is a pleasing feeling to have German locals being responsive to the stories behind my work.

BP : We love your answer ! Last question. What piece of advice would you give a young artist , who is thriving in his career as an #artist ?

RICHARD : I would tell them to be open for changes and never limit their creativity by not experimenting with other mediums. Invent your own style and go to school, Art Education is critical to your future as an artist. Never give up! Get a mentor and ask for help if you need...

Richard Williams. Instagram : @bloody_republic

One of Richard Williams art work.


Upcoming #exhibition . Space Savers , December 7th . Adress : Schwalbach Str. 54 , 60326 Frankfurt am Main.


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