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Fe Noel Made A Poignant Statement At NYFW

Felisha Noel's collection was named “Wish you were here” as an ode to her aunt. Noel was able to use her grief as fuel for her creativity.

Fe Noel's spring 2023 collection ended with a remarkable "the Dre$$" statement, it was definitely both luxurious and meaningful.

This gown is seriously incredible — it's corseted, strapless, has a ruffled petticoat, and is topped with a signature Fe Noel robe with voluminous sleeves and a 16-foot cathedral train. And get this — it's all made out of (artificial) money. That's right, this gown cost a whopping $1.6 million. The message? Women are still being short-paid on the man's dollar, it's leaving them with 30 percent less in retirement savings — or $1.6 million to be exact.

Courtesy of Fe Noel

Courtesy of Fe Noel

Courtesy of Fe Noel

Noel's "money dress," as she lovingly refers to it, is her first couture creation. It was the final statement-making piece in her traditional spring collection. And every detail on the dress was carefully considered to make sure it delivered the message perfectly.




Fe Noel Spring 2023 Collection

Here are some of our favorite pieces. Credit: Courtesy of Fe Noel




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