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BP : Please introduce ‘SisterhoodBazaar’ , the concept & target audience

Startet as an Flea & Creative Market, SistaHood Bazaar evolves fluently into an Independent Agency focused on Arts // Passion // Fashion & Freedom. Founded by Cleopatra Jansen, SistaHood Bazaar describes itself as an contemporary Initiative with attitude and authentic ambitions. We develop visions and conceptions, closely working with artists, creative brands, and like-minded individuals within and outside of the Diaspora . Based on a natural-given sense for style and aesthetics do we create styling concepts for visual productions. We live and breath to our own rhythm. And the rhythm is deep-rooted in our genes. So inspired by our infinite selves and with an instinctive Love for Music do we deliver high-qualitive and distinctive DJ-Sets and soundtracks for events from the extended fields of Fashion & Art, to the diversity of Lifestyle & Culture right up to Parties & Open Airs. We (co) - organize or supplement exhibitions and performing sessions with imaginative impulses . Under reserve of course, we are always open for stunning ideas and productive collaborations. We purely exhibit our passion for creation and expression. We love what we do. And we do what we want. We constantly strive to vibrate on a higher frequency and yet we keep it underground. Meet us somewhere at the  bridge between subculture, exclusivity and the unknown …

-When is the next event to meet you?

° On July 28th at the „SistaHood Bazaar x Jona Curly Hair Care“ Pop Up Even in Hamburg

Apart from that there are some other projects later this Year. But  we don’t talk about any dates at this point. So just stay tuned.

-Where can we follow you? (Social Media) 

Instagram:  @themermaid.040 ,  @sistahoodbazaar



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