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February 2020 Issue

Credits : Luc-Richard Elie : Cover Stars , Producer & Director Sol & Jenny Aponte

Cover star number 2 with Black Irish Photographer, Model and Aviation Student , Ken Lomena



Welcome back to Black Pepper Magazine. In this month’s issue we are talking about Black History, Coronavirus, Black Love and the next generation 5G and many more. All these topics have a high relevancy in the black community worldwide. Let me explain why. This issue is dedicated to all those strong individuals who have shaped the society in different ways. Dedicated to all those who fought for our liberation. For those who are still setting an example, it is like paving a new way of massive opportunities for others to walk on such as our cover stars the power couple, Sol & Jennia Aponte in their Anatomy of Black Love. Second cover star comes from ireland, Ken Lomena who travels the time like a free and empowered bird.

All stories are carefully chosen and assembled for you to feel entertained, educated and elevated. Enjoy !

Yours truly,

Amina Jealinho, CEO/Editor-in-Chief


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Thank you for purchasing a digital copy of the feb issue. We appreciate your support.

We have one last annoucement to make. We’re introducing the Black Pepper Mag Affiliate Program.

Storytelling from every social milieu is rarely seen , and that is what seperates us from the rest. Afrogermans, African-Americans, Afro-Caribbeans, Afro-Latinos, Africans etc. have you seen that being promoted in the mainstream media ? Oh, I’m not talking about those ‘black is beautiful’ trends. I’m talking about it as just being normalized. Just being human, you feel me ?

Great. Now that you’re ready to start the BPMag Affiliate Program with the right mindset. I almost forgot to say, remember to never loose yourself in the noise to appeal ‘as if’ on social media. If you’re a blogger already than this program is definitely for You ! But if you’re using social media just for fun than throw the whole partnership idea away.

Earn money while moving the culture forward. The change doesn’t happen unless we come together as one, start the partnership today :


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