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Garden of Beauty: What ''Keys Soulcare'' taught me

Courtesy of Keys Soulcare

Welcome to our new series ''Garden of Beauty'' , where we present to you our beauty secrets and reviews featuring different brands we tried out and are thoughtfully selected by our Editor-in-Chief, Amina.

What a time to be alive! With all the wars, abortion restrictions, inflation etc. my anxiety is pretty high. Every time anxiety kicks in, I try to calm my thoughts and accept the fact that all these events happening outside is out of my control. The only full control I have is over my thoughts, body and soul. When it's ''Me-Time'' I make sure to focus on what makes me happy, like going to the gym, taking care of my skin, hair and nails while listening to my fave music. - Amina E. Jealinho (Editor-in-Chief)

How do you enjoy your shower time?

  • Fave Playlist on

  • Singing in the shower

  • Nothing special

  • Listening to Podcasts

Let's start off our ''Garden of Beauty'' series, with this clean skincare brand created with a board-certified dermatologist and inspired by Alicia Keys' own skincare journey, and love of ancient beauty rituals, Keys Soulcare goes beyond skincare to truly care for the whole self — body, mind, and spirit.

Courtesy of Keys Soulcare

3 Before-Shower Beauty Secrets You May Not Know

Inspired by ''Keys Soulcare''

Beauty Secret 1 Get in the zone of relaxation. Get your favorite playlist ready or do some stretching to relax your tensed muscles

Beauty Secret 2 Take 5 minutes to dry brush your skin before the shower. It removes dead skin & opens pores

Beauty Secret 3 Caress your skin with oil and speak out positive phrases to connect with your mind and heart

Is “Keys Soulcare” really effective or just “Celebrity Hype”?

No, it's not just ''another celebrity hype''. Keys Soulcare is truly the heroine we all have been waiting for. The Sacred Body Oil is THAT girl!

Why it is my absolute fave?

  1. I can resonate with the values of this brand

  2. Love the packaging and the different affirmations behind the products

  3. It works wonders! After applying the oil, my skin felt so soft, reduced the appearance of new dark spots and my skin looked even more beautiful. Absorbs perfectly into the skin and leaves the skin with a fantastic glow. Plus, the smell *heart eyes emoji*

  4. I love how Keys Soulcare taught me to slow it down and be more intentional with my shower-routine (not only bath routine). These two are my skincare obsessions and will always be included in my Garden of Beauty.

The Sacred Body Oil

(For those living outside U.S, you can find it at Douglas)

Try it out and experience

the ultimate healing voyage of Keys Soulcare.

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