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How to Combine 6 Fall/Winter Trend Colors 2021+ Color of the Year 2022

Color has no speed, nor does it speak. It vibrates nature’s energy through a perfect synergy.

Even though it doesn’t speak, but it signals your mood and communicates through combinations, too.

Muted or Saturated Colors?

What does muted or saturated exactly mean ?

Muted colors can be compared to natures color, when it’s p.e cloudy. The clouds, the air, the flowers and trees, even houses look dull, more muted and grayish. The atmosphere is cold and calm. Otherwise on sunny days, the colors outside are more vibrant, vivid and more saturated. It brings out more energy in yourself and surrounding.

If your color preference is more on the cooler spectrum, do you boo with all your confidence! For those who feel comfortable in colors, do it confidently and in style !

Here is how you can combine 6 autumn/winter color trends 2021/22 with more confidence and style . According to the Color Forecast Expert, Pantone, they are a lot more COLORS OF THE YEAR 2021, but we’ve chosen our favorites such as :

1. Illuminating Yellow

Carolina Herrera Fall/Winter 2021

Yellow( Illuminating, Dailily) combined with jeans, army green, or black and in winter with silver, grey, brown, off white and nude.

An illuminating yellow jumper paired with some jeans of your preference , is for those, who likes to experiment just a little bit.

Streetstyle Inspo:

@victoriouslogan on IG

This combination is for the fashion enthusiasts, who wants to stay “à la page” (French meaning of up-to-date). Grey & Yellow ! A grey blazer or winter coat combined with an off-white knit dress, accessorized with a cute yellow handbag . Instead of grey, a yellow knit dress and a silver handbag or a pair of silver ankle boots. Illuminating yellow goes also well with blue !

2. Fuchsia Fedora

Y/Fall Project 2021

Fuchsia (hot pink) combined with black, grey, navy blue or rhodonite . For winter pair your favorite fuchsia piece with olive green or wine red.

Home Casual Inspo:

@victoriouslogan on IG

3. Tomato Cream

OFF-WHITE Fall/Winter 2021

This orange-brown tone looks absolutely fabulous with black, navy blue, olive green or with nude colors.

Streetstyle Inspo:

@damiswardrobe on IG

4. Red Alert

Michael Kors Fall/Winter 2021/22

Red is such a timeless classy color and goes never out of style. Have you tried a total red look, also called monochrome? Choose a more sophisticated fabric and ironed to completely nail this monochrome look. Or you can tone it down with a softer tone like beige, off-white and pastel pink.

Streetstyle Inspo:

@didistone on IG

5. Ultimate Grey

Burberry Autumn/Winter 2021/22

Now we‘re talking MUTED-ly ! This ultimate grey is for the days you want to slow down. Or brighten up your mood with this grey tone and any green tone, pink or yellow.

Home Casual Inspo:


6. Olive Branch

Frederick Anderson Fall/Winter 2021/22 , David Warren

You can never go wrong with an olive green and off-white. For a more festive and night out look, spice it up with orange, pink, yellow ,gree, silver or gold.

Streetstyle Inspo:

@signedblake on IG

Color of the Year 2022

Photo courtesy of Pantone Color Institute

Every year we have one or two colors, that will dominate the color palette in fashion, home decor, design and our overall mood. Pantone has recently announced the color of the year 2022 . What exactly does this color mean ?

As we move into a world of unprecedented change, the selection of PANTONE 17-3938 Veri Peri brings a novel perspective and vision of the trusted and beloved blue color family, encompassing the qualities of the blues, yet at the same time with its violet red undertone, PANTONE 17-3938 Veri Peri displays a spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence that encourages courageous creativity and imaginative expressions. - LEATRICE EISEMAN, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE PANTONE COLOR INSTITUTE

Here are 5 fashion/beauty tips on how to wear this gorgeous Pantone color - Veri Perri:

  1. For color introverts you can combine it with black or grey

  2. If you love to experiment with colors pair this beautiful color (veri perri) in winter with navy blue or other lilac tones

  3. It also looks amazing as a turtleneck combined with off white pants and lilac shoes

  4. For Christmas and New Years, Pantone Color - Veri Perri would look absolutely gorgeous on the eyes ! Like this blackowned vegan beauty brand , Bruni Beauty. Their eyeshadows are highly pigmented and probably the best out there :

5. Not only for the eyes , but also for the nails ! A beautiful lilac tone from this blackowned beauty brand, Suite Eleven:

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