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How to tackle hyperpigmentation this summer

Hyperpigmentation is common in people with dark skin. A skin issue that affects many of us. We have all come across the fancy term, so what exactly is hyperpigmentation? This is a skin condition where patches of skin become darker than your usual skin complexion. Caused from acne scars, inflammation and even sun damage. The discoloration is an effect of excess melanin, affecting individuals and prevalent in women of color due to the increased levels of melanin. According to the skin of color society, over 65% of African American people experience the skin issue. Hyperpigmentation is not harmful however it can affect one’s confidence. Even our favorite celebrities Keke Palmer and Megan Thee Stallion have been candid and shared their struggles with hyperpigmentation. In an Instagram post last year, the rapper shared that ‘“I haven't been wearing foundation bc my hyperpigmentation is getting better’’. I've been trying some good products that have been helping me!"

In recent times treating hyperpigmentation has become much easier due to a plethora of natural remedies, a few years ago that wasn’t always the case. As women of color, we were told to try several different products to lessen or get rid of the uneven skin tone. With many women even resorting to lightening their skin with harsh chemicals such as hydroquinone or unsafe intensive procedures which does more harm than good.


Fast forward to 2022 with a wide range of skin refining products and dermatologists and skin aestheticians that cater to darker skin tone, hyperpigmentation can be dealt with safely. Over the last few years, we have seen a rise in healthy organic, vegan friendly skincare brands that are catering to individuals that suffer from hyperpigmentation. In recent times there has been a revolution of Black owned brands helping individuals that have excess pigment; ‘’ I find that the best way to combat hyperpigmentation is avoiding sun exposure or using sunscreen with an SPF higher than 30. I'm also talking from experience, this helped even out my skin tone and incorporating skin care products with Vitamin C. Our by Valentine Skincare Glow On moisturizer works a charm, it contains vitamins A, C & E a combination of powerful antioxidants- makes it all seem effortless’’ explains founder of skin care brand By Valentine skincare.

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As we explained earlier, due to the rise of natural clean beauty products hyperpigmentation is getting easier to deal with. Summer is approaching and we all know how sun damage can affect many of us, you will be glad to know the skin concern can be resolved with a healthy skincare regimen, safe over the counter products and professional help such as dermatologists.We share tips on how you can get rid of your hyperpigmentation, just in time to get your skin looking hot girl summer.

Rose-hip Oil

Rose-hip oil is a beauty product we don’t tend to hear about very often, it’s one of those best kept secrets out there. The celebrities now swear by it, as it has a ton of incredible benefits, and we are here for it! When we think of oils that grace our skin, we tend to think of Vitamin C, Coconut oil however Rose-hip rarely comes to mind. More individuals are now starting to incorporate it in their daily skincare routines. So, what exactly is this phenomenon? A pressed seed oil which originates from South America and Africa that contains essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Over the last few years, it has become a firm favorite for many beauty gurus. It has been reported Kate Middleton lives by it as it gives her the ultimate ‘glow.’ Rose-hip is oozing with Vitamins A, C, D, E yes, all that good stuff! Often used as a carrier oil for essential oils as it can be intense to put on your skin directly. You can use it in your morning and night skincare routine, or you can add it in your favorite moisturizer, this is found in several skincare products such as lotions and serums.

Vitamin C

The skin OG of all time. Many of us live and breathe Vitamin C as it does so much for us. The natural antioxidant helps to defend and acts as a barrier against harmful radicals, it diminishes dark and aging spots and can even out the skin tone. What we love about Vitamin C, it actually does deliver.

Cosmetic treatments

If you feel you must resort to professional hands, we recommend you doing your research and not cutting corners. With dedicated dermatologists to help and better your skin care journey, you can opt for the route of safe and effective chemical peels to renew and rejuvenate healthy skin.


Unsun Cosmetics (@unsuncosmetics)

SPF in the Black community has been one of those topics that you could call the ‘elephant in the room’ however in recent times many skincare brands have started to launch SPF products for dark skin. Gone are the days where wearing SPF left us with a ghastly white cast leaving us to resemble Casper the ghost. Sunscreen is essential and finding one that offers UVB protection and that contains ingredients to combat hyperpigmentation such as Niacinamide.

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