“I Choose To Be Unvaccinated” - Kyrie Irving | The Covid Dilemma


The “Other Side“ of the Player Empowerment - The Covid Dilemma

Parents tend to think the WORLD of their children. Any accomplishment they achieve, no matter how big or small, is celebrated to the Nth degree. Likewise, so are expectations. Parents expect their children to act accordingly, listen and comprehend proficiently, and speak with confidence and authority.

That is of course, until they listen to their parents and comprehend a situation differently. That is of course, if they speak with confidence and authority in defiance of what their parents believe. At that moment, the expectation dies down.

The funny thing is, this line of thinking carries over much further than when individuals are in their youth. Adults are held to similar standards in the workplace and in life in general. This narrative is on full display within the National Basketball Association right now in regards to COVID-19 vaccination policies.

The NBA informed teams that recently issued laws in both New York City and San Francisco about vaccine requirements will be enforced -- including for players -- for members of the New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets and Golden State Warriors unless there is an approved medical or religious exemption from taking part in them, according to a memo obtained by ESPN. In these specific geographic locations, persons over the age of 12 that reside in the region are required to show proof of vaccination to enter certain confined spaces.

For months when the NBA and the NBPA (Players Association) were collectively bargaining the protocols that would be in place regarding COVID vaccines, the Players Associate was firm in their stance that mandating a requirement for players to be vaccinated would not be a topic of discussion. So the NBA and Players Association agreed to let the cards fall, and in an effort to control the situation, the leaders within the NBA decided that they would follow local and state authority policies for regional policies. Essentially, the NBA was able to say, “Look, we aren’t telling you that you have to be vaccinated, the government is.”

This was a fine maneuver by the association - very clever indeed. Unfortunately, we still find ourselves in a situation where the players are not only balking, but attempting to shift the narrative.