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Chicago, IL – Red Guerrilla Entertainment (RGE) announces the signing of a multi-million dollar slate deal with OC Consulting. The deal covers seven films over the next four years with $20 million dollars covering the first three features. Production begins on the first film, North of The 10, in Chicago in January. As a proud black-and-brown-owned business, RGE follows in the tradition of Chicago natives such as Common, Chance The Rapper, Lena Waithe, and many others in shining a positive light upon the city. Even the global pandemic can’t stop RGE from delivering quality films and music.

It’s humbling to know that all the hard work we put into the RGE empire over the past decade on the film and music side is finally paying off and that we’re being recognized for our work,” says RGE President & Founder Rhyan LaMarr. “We have studied companies like Tyler Perry Studios, Franklin Entertainment, Apatow Productions, Amplify/Reflection Music Group, Rapzilla and Plan B. to name a few. We learned that successful entrepreneurs today build their doors into the industry on a solid foundation.”

Entertainment Attorney Jalene Mack is the liaison between RGE and OC Consulting and was responsible for brokering the deal. She states, “It was a no-brainer. Red Guerrilla Entertainment pitched a vision of their legacy: faith-driven, unconventional cinema and Christian hip-hop with realism and heart. It was refreshing to meet a team with a solid plan of how to tackle their mission in entertainment.“Says RGE CEO & Co-owner, Bishop Eric D. Garnes, "While joining my business partner studying the craft of others, I finally found the way to braid ministry and business together as I followed mentors like Bishop T.D. Jakes, a multi-vocationalminister who inspired me to dream beyond the norm. RGE’s standard is to color outside the lines while exhibiting artistry and business acumen. We are prepared to unveil our projects and our skill set for entertainment.”

RHYAN LAMARR (photo credit) Jennifer Gaida


RGE’s mission is to enlighten and inform the world through positive, uplifting entertainment. That’s been the case since the company’s origins in Chicago, a city which continues to inspire the company’s creativity. Red Guerrilla Entertainment aims to infuse each project with a sense of truth and optimism, as well as showcase a broad range of talents from diverse backgrounds. Famed actors, Mykelti Williamson (Forest Gump, Ali, The Purge) and Mekhi Phifer (NBC's ER, The Divergent Series, 8 Mile) have joined RGE to collaborate on some of the upcoming films that are on the slate deal. Red Guerrilla has also been able to work with actors: Lance Reddick, Jamie Hector, Harry Lenixx, Woody McClain and Will Yun Lee, just to name a few.

OC Consulting says, “I didn’t know Rhyan, Bishop Garnes, or the RGE team, but I quickly understood Jalene’s enthusiasm and her confidence in RGE after seeing firsthand how talented, hard-working and inspirational the entire team was. That is what got me excited to bring in my funding sources for not only this multi-million dollar deal, but also to bring their future projects to fruition.”

North of The 10 will be produced by Rhyan LaMarr (Canal Street, Restored Me), Elijah Long (Rambo: Last Blood, Tesla), Chris Jennings (The Challenge, Terrordactyl), LaRoyce Hawkins (Chicago PD, South Side) and Erika Jacobsen (Canal Street, Wanda Sykes: Not Normal) and Executive Produced by Don Benjamin (America’s Next Top Model, Scared Famous), Rhyan LaMarr, Bishop Eric D. Garnes (Canal Street), Jabari Rayford and Andre Burgess (Devotion of Suspect X). Marisa Ross of Karge & Ross Casting (The Chi, Chicago Med, Canal Street, How I Met Your Mother) will be the casting director appointed.

RGE reports that they are in final discussions with “The Avengers” of social media for the all-star dramatic comedy North of The 10: Don Benjamin (America’ Next Top Model), LaRoyce Hawkins (Chicago PD, South Side), Destorm Power (PUNK’d), King Bach (Sneaker Heads), Chris Witaske (Lady Bird), Adam W. (Couples Night), Wes “Wuz Good” Armstrong (Tijuana Jackson), just to name a few.

Left to Right) Chis Witaske, Don Benjamin, LaRoyce Hawkins and Destorm Power

Through the uncertainty of 2020, underdog Red Guerrilla Entertainment emerges with a concrete plan and the financing partnership with OC Consulting to make it happen. Together they’ll create a slate of positive entertainment for 2021 and beyond.


Our collaborators include top film directors, cinematographers, visual artists, writers, and producers; Emmy-nominated actors, Oscar-nominated & Grammy Award-winning music producers; NAACP Image Award winners; and BET Award winners. We cultivate a growing roster of gifted actors, including accomplished veterans and bursting-with-talent newcomers. Through all stages of production, our first-rate team is a diverse and colorful band of trailblazers and trendsetters. RGE produces a wide variety of genres, such as comedies, dramas, thrillers, musicals, and inspirational/faith-based. Aiming to reach audiences both nationally and globally, while working with domestic and international theatrical distribution companies. As a community of believers, we choose to live life and operate our business with an uncompromising devotion to making a difference. RGE isn't following a map; we're creating a destination. As pioneers of hope, we boldly infiltrate the fabric of culture and commerce. Our crusade as marketplace missionaries is to touch as many lives as possible by providing elevated entertainment. We are a blossoming company with innovative ideas, focused intention, entrepreneurial grit, and machine-like execution. Complete with an inspired, dedicated, and passionate team, RGE is primed to impact the entertainment industry.


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