It's all in my head ! Music #2

We love the vibe of her voice ! You have to know her.

BP : Welcome, could you please introduce yourself to

our readers? 

SSTEDI : Hello readers! My name is SSTEDI, and I am a

singer/songwriter from Charlotte, NC by way of College

Park, MD.

BP : We discovered you on Instagram and were very

impressed by your voice! Did you always have your

singing voice or did the sound of your voice

developed after time?

SSTEDI : Thank you! I always had the gift to sing but my originality

DEFINITELY developed over time. I wasn’t always OK

with my voice. As a child I would emulate every artist I

possibly could. My originality, in regards to vocals came

after I picked up the guitar and started singing with it, for


BP : GREAT ! How do you like the idea of Black Pepper


SSTEDI : Art, black culture, adulthood, fashion, beauty, and

NATURAL HAIR, are all topics that need a platform! I

know for me, natural hair is a journey that includes every

single one of the topics that I mentioned above and you’re

featuring them in your magazine! I’m all for it!

BP : What does “Art” exactly mean to you?

SSTEDI : I’m an audiovisual learner so, when I think of art, the first