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Janet Jackson Attended The McQueen SS23 Show In Classics We Love

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

GC Images

Janet Jackson wore a powerful classic ensemble we absolutely love! Her attendance at the Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2023 was a black and white moment.




In her crisp white collared shirt, Janet Jackson wore a sharp suit with lapels resembling the look of an overcoat with four buckled buttons across her waist. The sleeve of the jacket was edged with a sharp detailing resembling a rip. Matching the jacket, Jackson slipped into a pair of straight-legged pants that had tartan details on the stems and the side.

By Neil Mockford/GC Images

As she strode to the show, the wind brushed against the fabric of her pantsuit, showcasing her choice of footwear. She donned a pair of black leather boots with a round sole and 6-inch heels, a perfect choice as they added a flair to the overall outfit and worked in harmony with the suit. The leather on the boots sparkled when she was seen outside, and the alternate nuances of black complemented the white collar perfectly.




We love the way she attended the Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer show in London, in a powerful and classic ensemble.

Recreate the McQueen style, below.

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