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June Issue of Black Pepper Magazine

CREDITS : Photographer - Lisa Hancock






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TAMALA BALDWIN - Creator, Writer and Executive Producer of the Web-Serie Bubbly Brown Sugar . Photo Credits - Lisa Hancock


BP : Welcome to the June Issue of Black Pepper Magazine. How are you today?

TAMALA : There are no words to express the joy and excitement I feel today. I am like the little kid we read about in the children’s books that are looking outside of their window for Santa to come to their home on Christmas Day with absolute amazement. The child in these books had no doubt that Santa was coming to bring the most amazing gifts and that is how I feel right now. There is no doubt that beautiful things are in store and every fiber of my being, especially my heart, is overcome with delight and joy.

BP : How come that you discovered your talent in screen directing?

TAMALA : Writing is one of my first loves. I can remember writing my own episodes to the Cosby Show in a five-subject notebook during my free time. So, I’ve always had a passion for telling stories, and didn’t think much about directing them. I just wanted to make them. However, something shifted when it came time to produce, Bubbly Brown Sugar. One of my mentors suggested that I direct the project after reading my script. It honestly never dawned on me before that moment. I wasn’t quite ready to direct something so robust entirely on my own, especially since I was starring in it and producing it, but now that I have a taste, I can’t imagine not directing my future projects. As a writer, I realize that I want to shape the story and oversee the vision that was given to me by God. It’s all connected and all important.

BP : What does business exactly mean to you?

TAMALA : Business means doing what you love, what you’re gifted at in such a way that you are able to reap financial, emotional, and spiritual rewards.

BP : We discovered you through Instagram and would like to know, what exactly the series is about ?

TAMALA : Bubbly Brown Sugar is a story about two soulmates meeting in their dreams and their parallel journey’s to finding each other in real life. It’s a story about the power of the imagination, law of attraction and how your mindset can either draw you closer to what you truly want or take you further away from it.

BP : What can we expect next from you?

TAMALA : I’m super excited about getting Bubbly Brown Sugar on the film market and out there in the world. Based on the feedback, I feel so positive and I already see a season 2, 3 and 4. My hope is to write, direct and produce for others, while continuing to share beautiful stories with people of color experiencing their happily ever after.

BP : Any advice you would like to share (concerning minding YOUR own BUSINESS)?

TAMALA : Build you network now! Get off the computer and connect with people. Not for what they can do for YOU, but for the possibility of helping each other build either now or in the future. Nothing great can be accomplished alone so if you want to build a business, build a dream, you need people. I also believe it’s important to utilize social media and technology to build an audience. Don’t wait until you need people to pay attention, start now. All in all, do everything you can now, with what you have. As you invest energy and plant the seeds, it will only increase. Be patient. Be consistent and remember nothing great can be accomplished alone.

INSTAGRAM @bubblybrownsugar @tamalabaldwin

(C) Charles Jacobs

Black Pepper Magazine had the privilege to see a sneak peak of the web series Bubbly Brown Sugar . We totally recommend the web series. WHY ? Because it is well written, in full HD displayed, talented cast members and entertaining !



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