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Moncler - The Art of Genius

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

It was a celebration of creativity, artistry and beauty!

The Italian luxury brand Moncler unveiled an expansion of its Genius collaborations project at London Fashion Week, introducing new “co-creators” in the realms of art, music, design and sport.

Courtesy of Moncler

The Art of Terrain by Pharell Williams

On Feb 20th, Immaculate fashion took over the Olympia London exhibition centre with its “The Art of Genius” show. Celebrities like Pharrell Williams and Alicia Keys joined the event to help make it a night to remember!

Let Pharrell Williams and his surrealist dreamscape take you on a journey to reimagine your connection with nature, design, and functionality!

Detachable pockets & sleeves, zippers that turn trousers into shorts – and picnic blankets that serve as capes (like Williams wore himself at the arrival).

Camping out never looked this fashionable . Models rocked some Khaki outerwear and posed in front of an all-green set covered in grass and embraced by music playing trees .




This collaboration with Moncler proves why Pharell Williams is a creative genius that deserves his position as the menswear creative director of Louis Vuitton

Pharell Williams is an incredibly talented and creative individual. His innovative approach to music, fashion and art has earned him a place as the new menswear Creative Director of Louis Vuitton. His ability to bring together different styles and genres has earned him the title ''creative genius.'' Williams has an uncanny knack for creating one-of-a-kind experiences that draw in fans and customers alike. His partnership with Moncler is the perfect example; he has been able to incorporate his unique style into the traditional brand while still staying true to its core values. His influence on the fashion world is undeniable. With his creativity he will take Louis Vuitton to new heights.




Rewatch the The Art of Genius by Moncler, here!

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