“My Body, My Choice” | Let’s Talk About Abortion


The topic of abortion has always been an issue of polarising debate. In today’s world, there are, still, many governments who frown on the subject. So why is abortion such a sensitive topic; why is a woman’s body considered less important than the infant within her womb? Is abortion really just a woman’s choice alone, or should the fathers have a say? We‘re analyzing this and more in today’s article of Black Pepper Magazine.


One would think that by now, the issue of the legality of abortion would be a thing of the past. But when you consider the fact that the Equal Rights Amendment was passed in 2020—just last year—it’s hard to ignore the political oppression perpetuated against women globally, for centuries. Even today, within the USA, several states have been given autonomy over abortion laws, with some regions choosing to abolish abortion.

This act alone of forcing a choice onto women has created political viewpoints on the matter of abortion: Pro-life and Pro-choice. Well, what do they mean?

The Argument between Pro-Life and Pro-Choice


In a nutshell, to be pro-life means to be opposed to abortion; while to be pro-choice means to be in favour of the legalisation of abortion. These terms aren’t necessarily gender based, with older conservative women leaning on the Pro-life spectrum. Yet, both views on this matter are important, as each one fights for equality; therefore it is necessary for us to analyse these varying standpoints.

Are you a Pro-Lifer? To truly answer this question, we must debunk the myth behind pro-life. It is without doubt that while pro-life identifies with anti-abortion, the latter doesn’t truly define what it means to be a pro-lifer. This is because, like the equal rights movement, the pro-life movement seeks to value and elevate all life, starting with the baby in women’s bellies.

Do you Support Pro-Choice?