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Natural Hair (#1 Issue)

Credits: Model - Miss Nappy Luxemburg 2017 ,Kelly Cruz . Photographer : Ute Bruno



#naturalhair is of course one of the big and important cultural and ancestral heritage. For some it might just be hair, but for others much more ! The first thing we see in the mirror and what others see at first is our physical looks . It reflects a huge part of our identity .


Do you still struggle to keep your hair moisturized ? You probably already know, that moisture is KEY . We have found a very well informative video for you. This Video breaks down the explanation of #hairporosity . Hair porosity basically means , how well your hair does absorb moisture.


The smell of #chebepowder is very strong. It smells like authentic herb straight from nature. That's why we recommend to use a very little amount in to your Deep Treatment . Other than that it does work WONDERS . Especially for low porosity hair. Use it in combination with your deep treatment for a year straight, I promise, your curls will be moisturized, full and undetangled . That sounds great , right ?

You can purchase it online. It will last maybe to 3 years !



Interview with Natural Hair blogger. Instagram

We are happy to have her on the first Issue of Black Pepper Magazine. Enjoy the Interview !


First and foremost, I  want to thank you for this opportunity and I'm excited about our collaboration 

BP : Welcome Elaine , could you please introduce yourself to our readers ? 

E : I am Dr Titilayo Oluseyi Akinseloyin, a Medical Doctor who is a Natural Hair Enthusiast, I love Fashion, Culture, Health and Beauty. 

BP : Great ! Beauty & Brain . We love it ! We discovered you on Instagram and were very impressed by your Instagram Feed and that Hair ! Tell us how you return to Natural Hair? And what does the term “Natural Hair” really mean to you ?

E: Thanks alot for your compliment. I'm glad that I've inspired so many people in a short period of time . I transitioned from relaxed hair to natural hair.

First of all, I stopped using relaxer in September 2016 to be precise, 6 months later (March 2017), I cut off the weak relaxed ends of my hair and began to nurture my natural hair.

My definition of natural hair is hair that is free and void of chemicals(especially relaxer) which alters the original texture of an individuals hair

BP : How do you like the idea of Black Pepper Magazine?

E : From my perspective,Black Pepper Magazine is about Fashion, Beauty, Natural Hair, Food , Black Culture. These are important aspects of our everyday life. Therefore, I love everything Black Pepper Magazine focuses on because it'll enlighten people of all races even blacks about their heritage 

BP : Thank you Elaine for being part of the first Issue of Black Pepper Magazine. One last question. How can we follow you on Social Media? 

E : You can follow me via Instagram @Elaineseyi and YouTube ( Dr Titilayo Akinseloyin, email:

Thank you very much for your time and support Elaine. We wish you all the best and hope to stay in contact.


Shoutout time !

We are so proud to see the #naturalhairmovement expanding globally . To celebrate the natural hair texture and to come together as one. They are natural hair pageant you need to know about . Let's GOOOO !

1. Miss Nappy Luxemburg

2. Miss Nappy France

3. Miss Nappy Germany

Video Credits - Joseph Akwassi at Reel Makers Videos.

4. Miss Nappy Togo

Milca, Miss Nappy Queen Togo 2017

5. Miss Natural Hair & Health Expo (USA)

6. Miss Black Hair Netherlands

7. Miss Natur'elles Lille (France)

A round of applause for the organizers !

PRODUCT Shoutout + Interview

Photo from Afrolocke.

Get to know Afrolocke.

BP : Welcome Afrolocke , could you please introduce yourself to our readers ? 

AfroL : It is a great honor to be part of the first issue of the Black Pepper Magazine. Afrolocke is the first brand in Germany that offers pure natural products for natural curly hair. Our products are all certified natural cosmetics and we take great emphasis on our ingredients. Afrolocke was founded in 2017 by Anna. Anna had enough from the exhausting search for a natural product that fits the needs of her afro hairs, so she decided to do it by herself. The result of all the effort are our two products up to this point, Afrolocke Shampoo and Afrolocke Conditioner. 

BP: We discovered you through NAFROBOX and Instagram. Since we do not only have german readers and naturals, could you please explain what Afrolocke means and represent ?

AfroL : Our vision with Afrolocke is to help all women and men with curly hair by offering a product with great ingredients that suites the needs of curly hair. Our products are produced and certified in Germany which ensures good quality. Our initial plan was to introduce a product only for afro curls but over the past year we realized that almost every women with natural curls is experiencing the same problems. The great thing is, based on the feedback we got so far Afrolocke works for various type of curls and the support so far is overwhelming and strengthens us in our vision to end the problems of all curly women and men. We would love to see our products all around Germany and Europe and everybody who likes our product has no problem to find it. 

BP : How do you like the idea of Black Pepper Magazine?

Well, first of all thank you for the opportunity to be part of your magazine. We really like the idea of your magazine and are very curious about all the interesting articles that will be published in the upcoming months about the African lifestyle and culture. 

BP : Thank you Afrolocke for being part of the first Issue of Black Pepper Magazine. One last question. How can we purchase your products?

AfroL : There are several ways to purchase our products. The first address is our online shop: But you can also find us in several cities across Germany for example: Stuttgart, Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Kiel, Bremen the exact address can be found on our homepage as well:

(5 stars) All we can say is that the products by #afrolocke are amazing and allows the natural curl pattern to breathe and be healthy. It works wonderfully for women and for men !


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