New Wave of African Photography is Collectively Influencing the Global Spotlight

Photographer Paul Samuels - Lampost Creative Agency

Africa is rising up the creative-talent industry. Now, more than ever, African photography is cutting across the art and fashion spectrum, blending together subtle details of lustrewith the gritty, harsh realities of the continent’s struggle. In this article, we throw a spotlight on the new wave of African photography and how it continues to make a global impact on the world.

When stepping foot into Africa from a foreign location, the first things you notice are the Art, Culture and enormous opportunities that come with the continent. Africa is rich of resources; so rich that there is a ridiculous abundance of creatives; people who push the status quo and force new grounds of innovation.

New wave African photographers are one of such creatives. They constantly lend a solid voice to Africa, creating texture-rich photos that represent the exceptional values that the continent holds. But what is the inspiration behind these image-makers; what is their end game, and more importantly, how do they present such an elegant, yet kaleidoscopicportrait of the African continent?

The Beginnings of African Photography

Photographer : @thelexash

When we talk about photography, we imagine Western imperialism. Long before cameras were a commercial thing, these devices were used for ceremonial duties; as a tool to objectify royalty amongst peasants. However, in the mid-19thcentury, Europeans introduced photography to Africa, capturing native people without permission and using such images to preach ‘white dominance’.

For a time, Africans could not understand cameras or even have access to them. But all that changed in the 20th century when the African Independence Movement was launched. Now, more than ever, there was a need for native people to wrestle control of lands and their image back from their foreign oppressors. The fight for independence led to a determination to mark down history; to capture the advancement of the contemporary African life. Through this intervention, great ideas were raised, creative voices were heard; and down the line, African photography was born.

Today, photography has grown to become Africa’s most popular art form.

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