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November Issue 2019

credits : Alan Markfield . All rights belongs to Sony Pictures



Welcome back to Black Pepper Magazine ! I will keep it short this time.

A quick story behind this month's issue .

One week prior to that, we basically had no one on the cover. It took 3 months to actually plan everything out, but it got cancelled . The cover story and the cover picture was written and edited. Everything for nothing. Can you imagine the stress level ? Well, long story short, our writer and podcast host Rosalyn (@msrosalynofficial) saved the whole entire month ! Hardworking that she is, she managed to interview Tyrese Gibson. Let me tell you the gratitude that I felt at that moment was indescribable ! The theme : Mental Illness is not a crime and singer, actor Tyrese Gibson are the PERFECT fusion.

For that reason, this particular issue is dedicated to our writer, ROSALYN ! You did an amazing job and the results will definitely not go unnoticed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart .

Yours truly,

Amina , CEO&Founder

Marcus , Co-Founder

Black Pepper Magazine



We have officially launched our podcast

Your magazine on the go. Every Sunday on Spotify and Anchor.

Black Pepper Magazine presents the podcast series : 1. #RoseTalks hosted by our official writer Rosalyn from NY. Everything concerning self-development and women, who mind their business; 2. #DaisiesGrow hosted by the official writer , Daize from U.S . This series is about spiritual development, poetry and mental health ; 3. #QueenT podcast series is hosted by the lovely Cameroonian young lady, Terissa from Germany. Lastly 4. #LeslieLeads hosted by soon to be Dr. Leslie Ekpe in Educational Leadership from the U.S.

Make sure to tune in every sunday :


Official Member of...

We are happy and humbled to see how far we've come this year and it's just the beginning. Thus far, the tip of the iceberg is that our Founder, Amina is officially a part from #forbestheculture Family. The organization is now part of Forbes. For(bes) the culture was formed in Boston at the #forbes30under30 summit in October 2017, to gather the world's current and future elite minority leaders to network, collaborate, share opportunities and discuss issues related to their respective communities and the world at large.

It was founded by Vinisia Miles, Rashaad Lambert and also Mendel Grinter. These 3 African American are changing the dynamic and are opening doors #fortheculture .

Keep up with the Culture @forbestheculture


A dream come true...

The story behind this title is sooo cute !

We have basically discovered her pictures through Facebook. Her mother posted it by saying that it would mean so much to her to see her daughter in a magazine. Well, there she is ! Her first magazine feature. Let's welcome the beautiful A'mirah Costner


Who said magazines can't support each other ?

RosaMag. The first online lifestyle magazine for Afro-German women. Ciani's motivation is to create role models for Afro-German women and to break the stereotyped image of Black Germans. After her journalism studies in Berlin and her master's degree in political communication in London, the original Berliner cavorted around in the capital's startup scene. For over a year, she worked on her dream of creating an online platform for the modern Afro-German woman. Since the end of January, Ciani has been filming, shooting, writing and researching to inform, inspire and empower Afro-German women and friends!