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FINALLY ! Enjoy the read.

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Listen to her voice, confidence and soul

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You don't believe it ? Here is the proof. (Video credits: BET NETWORKS)

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The following video literally went viral in seconds. With over 29 million views on YouTube. Brian Owens sings along with his father and the bond between them was felt through their voices and chemistry. We don't have to say much , listen...

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Kimrie currently stars as Poppy Banks in the hit ABC Series SINGLE PARENTS, which its premiere was on September 26th. Prior to SINGLE PARENTS , Lewis has made regular appearances on the ABC drama series, SCANDAL as reporter Ashley Davidson.

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Yes, that's his name on IG , listen to KelvinDukes with ' Love On The Brain' cover !

You will not be disappointed

After watching several videos of him, we were convinced that YOU will definitely love him ,too

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Admiral T is the true example of what it means to be resilient, persistent and a sky breaker . From living in the Caribbean ghetto to owning the stage and just enjoying music.

This song is dedicated to his then teenage-love and now wife Jessica (IG @g6kacampbell), This music genre is called Zouk. The title translated means 'If you love me...'

Apropos ghetto, he also explains how it was living in this area and that he will never forget his people and where he come from.

We hope you've enjoyed it like we did ! Thank you Admiral T and his manager/wife , Jessica. Make sure to follow him on IG @admiralt971 , YouTube @ Admiral T and on Spotify @admiral t .

Enjoy one of his newest song


Now let's continue and close this chapter with part 2 of 'Sky is not the limit' by Terissa

...every successful person out there has laid down objectives and certain principles geared at meeting his/her goal(s). Without objectives there are no goals. Striving to meet up with these objectives is already a big step to success!

Thirdly, dream big ,because dreaming big is like a push factor to setting better goals, then set specific and realistic goals. Therefore, in the course of choosing what to do, explore all the possible ways until the result is satisfying and edifying. Even if you think you’ve achieved enough, even if you have the career you’ve always dreamed of, you can always better yourself, you can always strive for more and your goal should be self-satisfaction. Do not settle for the minimum when you know you can get the maximum out of you. But watch out not to lose focus and get too greedy!

Fourthly, work hard towards the achievement and realisation of you goal. Hard work and determination are vital factors in achieving one’s goal. We must not do it halfway instead, maximize all the necessary resources, step out of our comfort zone, accept failures that may occur on our way and find solutions to deal with them diligently and move on. If Thomas Edison had slept on his pillowcase after the first trial in making light bulb, maybe we wouldn't

have had electric light till today. It is only on the 2000th trial that he succeeded and came out with the light bulb equation. Yes, the sky was not his limit! After a century, his name is still called in the technology milieu and must always be called. He didn't only attain his goals; he changed the light of billions of people. That is why it is of great importance to choose goals that are of help and/or inspiring to others. Another plausible example is Coca Cola Company when it sold only a bottle of its production the first year it opened. Today Coca Cola is consumed worldwide and the company makes billions of profits. If discouragement had taken place on the management of this company, it would have been closed down. It persisted, it innovated and it didn't limit itself on what people saw (which was just a bottle filled with dark sweet liquid), but the manufacturer had a goal to attain and today he/she can say the sky wasn't the limit, which is the attitude each of us must adopt on the daily basis in achieving our goals.

Fifthly, consistency is like the queen in chess. It's the most powerful and strongest piece. You have to prioritize what’s important to help you stay consistent. Avoid making more promises than you can keep, so you can focus on those that are more important and eliminate those that aren’t. You have to keep going even when you make mistakes. No one is perfect even the most consistent people slip off sometimes. To stay consistent, you will have to take off time to recharge, have some “just you” time and avoid working during this period.

Sixthly, in order to achieve a goal, you need a good dose of motivation. It's like the king in chess, if you lose him, you've lost the game. One has to celebrate and acknowledge every single step of success aimed at working towards his/her goal. While these may seem like baby steps, the purpose is to build confidence and to continually move forward. As time goes by, and with success building on success, ability increases to pace and start building bigger goals and achieving them. Engage yourself in activities related to your goal, get to meet and interact with people of same interest. Expand your social network to be able to motivate and be motivated.

Last but not least, self-discipline! Goals can be approached by setting and working towards them but without self-discipline, it is impossible to achieve any goal. Self-discipline is the key to successfully achieving your goal and single most important attribute to become successful. It helps you stay focused on reaching your goals, gives you the resource to stick with difficult tasks and allows you to overcome obstacles and discomfort as you push yourself to new heights. Be unstoppable, forge ahead no matter the distractions and let your focus be on the price, the vision. You might (will) fail so many times, but you have to stay consistent till your goal is achieved. Bottom line, you are limitless when it comes to achieving your goals.

What I'd say in summary would be that one should use all possible positive means to achieve his/her goals, especially ones based on talent, for if the talent's potential is maximised, the possibilities are endless and you excel even beyond the 100% scale , hence soaring on eagles wings and thus enjoying the fruits of an "effortless" labour since you've maximized an innate potential.

Some people are unable to set goals, because they still haven't discovered what they want or due to self-limiting beliefs. Some set goals but don't work towards them, because they didn't plan well, procrastination, discouragement from setbacks and/or lack of motivation. Others set goals, work towards them, but can't achieve those goals, because they set the wrong goals or because the work may not have been done the right way (Working Smart vs Working Hard), mismanagement of tangible and intangible resources and loss of focus along the process.

But the question now is, what level are you and how can you amend that? DO NOT FORGET THAT THE SKY IS YOUR SPRINGBOARD! SET THE RIGHT GOALS AND WORK SMART TOWARDS THEM CONSISTENTLY!

Essay by Terissa . IG @naturallyrissa


This is how the music genre Morna sounds like... Cesaria Evora was called the Queen of Morna. Harmonious sounds infused with creole and portuguese. This particular chapter goes to her. Rest in peace


Credits: IG @jemappeleruth

LaLa, official writer. IG @lareashia31


This is what we call NO MAKE UP LOOK ! Clear and moisturized skin . Model Ruth :

I don't use a lot on my skin. I keep it simple with #sheabutter day and night. Honey facemask , balanced nutrition, a whole lot of vitamin D from the sun. The most important source of life, water. That's it
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