Oh, Santa Baby, Brave Williams is coming to warm our hearts like a Christmas lottery !

“SANTA BABY” was produced by Johnnie "Smurf" Smith and Ivan "Orthodox" Barias with vocal productions by Kristal "Tytewriter" Oliver. “I wanted to pay homage to Eartha Kitt. Her voice has always captured me. The first time I heard her sing Santa Baby I was mesmerized by simplicity of how she delivered each line, yet it was so magical. It’s been one of my favorite songs during the holiday,"shares Brave.

BRAVE WILLIAMS is currently starring in the BET Networks film, “The Christmas Lottery” as “Nicole”, (the middle Davenport sister).

The Christmas Lottery Synopsis: Gerald Davenport has requested that his three estranged daughters, Diedre, Nicole, and Tammy, come together for Christmas for a big announcement. He has won a $10 million dollar lottery! To get their share, the sisters must repair their broken relationship. But when their dementia-stricken mother, Diane, forgets where she hid the ticket, the Davenports are now in a race to find the ticket and fix their family all before Christmas Day.

Also Starring: Reginald VelJohnson, Asia’h Epperson, Candiace Dillard Bassett, Lorenzo “Renny” Cromwell, Terayle Hill, Kay-Megan Washington, Phylicia Morgan and includes cameos from Traci Braxton, Allison Seymour and Rob Gordon.



Call it her parents’ prophetically-ordained choice of first names for a baby girl or divinely inspired coincidence - as per textbook definitions which encompass everything from “a bit daring” and “ready to face and endure” to “without showing fear” – singer/songwriter/SAG-AFTRA actress BRAVE WILLIAMS has been nothing less than courageous, spirited, determined and dauntless in her whirlwind rise to notability within the worlds of music and entertainment over the course of the past few years. Having quickly and effectively established herself as that simultaneously “sultry and edgy while everyday relatable” songstress whose “Oooh Luv Ya” and “Road Trippin’” 2015 singles set off buzzworthy online presence and fast-growing download support, in definitively brave fashion, BRAVE WILLIAMS more than lives up to the meaning of her name as she precedes her audacious, anticipated self-titled full-length debut set (a Brave New World/SRG ILS/Universal Group release) with the recent release of her oh-so-sultry R&B beat-ballad latest single, “Don’t Tell Me No.”

With her now signature self-assurance paired with a heavy dose of vocal temptress; the lovelorn, “old-school-slow-grind-meets-slinky-paced-modern-R&B” flow of “Don’t Tell Me No” finds the vocalist noted for championing her girls actually addressing the fellas this go ‘round, all while examining relationship “goings-on” and vulnerabilities both genders can easily relate to. “It’s completely relationship-driven,” Brave explains, upon sharing the inspiration for the song, “based on conversations I’ve had with my sisters and best friends. Men always have this idea that they have to be strong and powerful with whatever it is that’s going on. And men are just as scared as women to fall in love. So to me, it was like a declaration to men like ‘I know you’ve been through some things that have your protective wall up, but don’t let that heartache or disappointment become your permanent identity. You can still be open to fall in love, but fear will keep that blessing from happening.’ Because there’s so much noise happening – like politics, the social climate and things on the news – I want people to be reminded that love can slice through all of that…and kill all the noise. I want that to be welcomed, and I want people to be invited to always go back to love despite everything’s that’ going on.” Though attitude-laced, ladies’ anthem-styled singles like 2017’s bouncy, head-boppin’ “U Tried it” and early 2020’s deep-bouncin’ “Options” may have empowered the ladies, she’s ultimately a fair and equal opportunity (musical) communicator. “I am so pro-women, like I am always here for my girls,” she pond