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Outfit Breakdown of Beyoncé’s Renaissance Album

We've all been waiting for it — Beyoncé's new music is finally here! She dropped her highly anticipated seventh studio album, Renaissance (1/3 acts), at midnight on July 29, along with a collection of new album art imagery featuring the most opulent and Femme Fatale allure from the industry's top designers. All captured by the photographer Mason Poole. Styled by costume designer Marni Senofonte, alongside Rogelio Burgos, Damien Lloyd and Vance Gamble. Here are our top eight outfit breakdown of Beyoncé’s album artistic imageries.




Church Girl

Here you can see Beyoncé levitation in a Church wearing a lime green mermaid gown with a gulpur lace technique by Alaïa.


It’s giving back in the day Madonna . A great reference to the “Like A Virgin” singer/performer. This conical bustier by Schiaparelli Haute Couture really brings out the Femme Fatale in Beyoncé.

In Disco Mood

Posing on disco stairs wearing a custom 3D printed “Toro” corset from Spanish designer Luis de Javier.

She That Gurl

Reclining on a glass horse in a crystal bodysuit by the Dominican designer Giannina Azar.

Thique Air

Rocks a black silk bodysuit with feathered sleeves and an oversized hat.

That Cozy Drink

This custom Mugler dress with a metal bustier by Casey Cadwallader exudes that FATALE ENERGY- yaaaasss!

Don't Break

Nusi Quero’s wearable art embracing Beyoncé’s curves.

Virgo's Groove

We can see a wide-sleeved plissé Gucci gown in all its 70’s glam.

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