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Rihanna officially set the “Pregnantly Baggy” fashion trend

Taken by Miles Diggs, @diggzy

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky shut it all down today morning with some news, we all been speculating for some time now. Yes, she’s pregnant !

Before we dive in to fashion spice critique, let’s applaud for THEE RIHANNA *standing ovation*

Listen, not only did she shut down the beauty and lingerie industry with diversity/inclusivity the right way… She also is a role model in regards to finances. Last year, Forbes declared her officially as the first richest female musician with a net worth of $1.7 billion. Mind you, most of Robyn Fenty’s fortune is not from music, but from Fenty Beauty and SavagexFenty.

Rihanna’s Family and generations to come are set financially and we’re absolutely taking notes !

The “Pregnantly Baggy” Style

By @diggzy

  1. Vintage Chanel Puffer Jacket in a bubblegum color (designed by Karl Lagerfeld) combined with some baggy jeans and chain belt, her pretty advanced pregnant belly accessorized with layered gold jewelry.

Getty Images

2. Orange Bottega Veneta coat, with a comfortable orange hoodie paired with camouflage pants and dressed the whole outfit up with some heels.

Getty Images

3. Errthang black leather look. From Prada, Attico to Céline.

Getty Images

4. Who said you can’t be sexy while pregnant? Show them legs, Mamas! This color combo is our absolute FAVE. This Red Alert Balenciaga parka, blue oversized shirt accorded with blue leather gloves. To elevate the look, she wore Amina Muaddi heels.

Random thought: What if Mama RiRi drops a baby care line after giving birth ? What do you think? Comment below.


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