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In this month Issue we are talking about the acceptance of our physical appearance.

Growing up, most of us struggled with how we look like. No matter where you are living, the struggle were all the same. For example : '' Ewww, why is my nose so wide'' / '' Nah, I look like a monkey with those lips'' / '' I want to have a lighter complexion'' / '' Oh Lord, my hair is ugly'' . Seems familiar, huh? Let that sink in for a moment...

That seems not enough, the cycle of self-hatred continues. Your parents contributed even more. '' You have to tame your mane, it looks messy'' . Loved ones even said : '' Straight your hair ! '' or '' You can not walk on the street like that'' .

If you imagine, that your first admiration and mirror of self-confident comes from 2 people , who birthed and raised hurts. But if that confident is broken, your level of self-love is disturbed and it creates a hole in your truest self.

We don't want just to point fingers to others, but understand where the issue lies. Our parents are also victims , who can only give what they've received.

If you have 1 dollar, that's also how much you can spend. But, if you seek, you will find and be able to give 10 dollars.

The message is to not allow the generational numbness affect you so much, that you are not able to give 10 times more than you have received. Self-education is the key ! Do it for your cousin, aunt, mother, siblings and children.

Do it in the name of service, not just for your closed ones but also for a stranger.


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