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Shortlist Holiday Shopping Guide

As the holiday season approaches, if 2020 has taught us anything, it's the value of the black consumer. Black Americans have an estimated $1.3 trillion in overall purchasing power, “to put it into context, that’s nearly the equivalent of the Netherlands, Indonesia, and Switzerland’s gross domestic products. To put it simply, the black buyer can stimulate the economy of countries.” Nah’Shon Alexander, The Value Of The Black Dollar

While several online retailers now claim to address the needs of Black consumers, we have compiled a shortlist of new and established Black-Owned brands, guaranteed to deliver the perfect gift. 

Table of Contents: 

  • Know Definition Clothing

  • Artsy By Nature

  • Ayanna & Mademoiselle Beauty

  • Jolie Noire Apparel

  • AJs Nature Made

  • Inherit Jewelry 

  • Ensoapothecary 

  • Vonga Beauty

Know Definition Clothing

Know Definition is a streetwear brand celebrating Black Women & Black Culture. Know who you are. Define it with style. Created by Charlisha Renata.”

Artsy By Nature 

Artsy By Nature is a body-positive brand that focuses on uplifting, encouraging confidence, and bringing the focus of ‘self’ back to people through handcrafted Waist Beads, Anklets, Crystal Jewelry, Sage Smudge Wands, & all things creative. The name, Artsy By Nature, derived from our core belief that everyone is blessed with natural abilities. Our natural ability so happens to be art! Through our handcrafted items, we welcome our supporters, the Artsy Tribe, into the world of artistic expression. Much like anything else, art translates differently from person to person, but our goal of instilling peace, confidence, tasteful sex appeal & the perfect item for the day remains consistent throughout. While elevating the vibrations of the Artsy Tribe, we consider ourselves the ‘Vibe Dealer’, as we hope to uplift the mood of our supporters’ everyday lives.” 

-Tia, Creator of Artsy By Nature

Ayanna Beauty & Mademoiselle Ayanna 

“I am a self-professed product junky! After trying hundreds of beauty products, I teamed up with top skin care chemists to create an exclusive skin and hair care line, Mademoiselle Ayanna. I also wanted to create a shopping experience for beauty lovers and beauty junkies like myself. features popular brands, along with its own brand Mademoiselle Ayanna. I only share products on the website that I have personally tried and love! (Think of us as Sephora. Sephora has its own line of products but also sells brands like Fenty Beauty, Dior, etc.)” 

-Owner & founder Ayanna Henderson, Black Texas Magazine

Jolie Noire Apparel 

The idea behind the brand/statement Jolie Noire is that black is beautiful. Jolie Noire stands for Pretty Black in French. We are primed to think dark colors (specifically black) are negative and light colors are positive. In an effort to level the playing field, we're working to shape the minds of onlookers and change the meaning, emotions, and values associated with black. Color is something that doesn't come pre-labeled, we label it... At Jolie Noire, we choose to believe that black, like other colors, is beautiful!”

 -Keyondra + Kim, Jolie Noire

AJs Nature Made 

“We are a Bath & Body Company based out of Grand Prairie, TX. We make handcrafted soaps, moisturizing whipped butters, and more! We use only the best quality ingredients in every one of our products. Browse our site, we just know we’ll become your new favorite Bath & Body company!” 

-AJ, Founder & CEO of AJs Nature Made

Inherit Jewelry 

Created by Carla Horton, Inherit Jewelry based in Houston, TX “offers custom, handmade, beaded jewelry and accessories at an affordable price.” 

Ensō Apothecary

“We are family-owned and operated and honored to call the historic Southside of Fort Worth, TX our home.  Our charge is to offer a safe space to heal & optimize your self-care routine holistically, body, mind & spirit. We create 100% natural handmade vegan skincare products and offer yoga & meditation classes. Our heart-centered mission is to end the cycle of abuse and trauma.  Self-love and self-care is key to the healing process because when one truly loves themselves, they will become their best version and inspire others to do the same.  We take pride in creating a world where it is safe to love yourself and others more every day.” 


Tamara Johnson, Owner & founder of Ensō Apothecary LLC. 

Vonga Beauty 

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but quality should never be a compromise. Vonga Beauty is a Black-owned makeup brand based in Florida. Providing a variety range of certified Cruelty-free & vegan products made with you and your precious skin in mind. Vonga Beauty products are made with a goal to elevate clean beauty, especially for our brothers and sisters who have sensitive skin. Our products will not only protect but will also nourish your skin. Here at Vonga Beauty we strongly believe that beauty comes in every color, shape, form & gender! We are making beauty personal! With YOU” 

-Dorcas Mbevo, Founder & CEO 

For a more expansive list of Black-Owned brands/products visit: 


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