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Top Tips to Help You Destress

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

KirstenMarie //Unsplash

There are several ways in which a person can destress themselves, and it often involves either doing something to help lower your stress levels or it involves removing something that is causing you stress. In most cases, you will be able to combine the two methods and not only boost your self-esteem but also greatly improve your quality of life, and mental health.

Spend time in nature

One of the best ways in which a person can destress is to spend some time in nature. Often stress can come from being overstimulated by too many noises, interacting with others throughout the day, and visual distractions that you are constantly having to ignore, or pay attention to depending on the situation that you are in. However, in nature, there is often a lot less going on. Not only that but it is a much more natural environment for a human to be in, rather than in a building, or watching screens. A lot of people find that even just sitting in their garden for a short period of time will help them greatly when they are trying to destress or decompress.




Take some time for yourself

Most of the time stress can creep up on you without you realizing it. It is often caused by having a schedule that is just too full, and not having enough time to focus on your wants and needs. So, of course, a simple way to help yourself destress is to make sure that you are taking enough time for yourself throughout the day. The amount of time required for a person to feel a little more relaxed can vary from person to person, whereby some people only need a quick 5-minute time out, and others could need several hours to decompress. There are little things you can do in these moments of time to yourself to help lessen your feelings of stress even further such as meditation, journaling, reading a book, and even drinking a calming tea. There are many loose tea types available for you to try, a lot of which are known for helping lower stress levels.

Reduce your time on social media

There are many benefits to having and using social media. A lot of people will use it as a form of keeping in touch with friends and family, running businesses, learning about the world, or simply for entertainment purposes. However, there is also a less helpful side that actually can cause many people to become stressed. This is because there can sometimes be too much negative, confusing, or conflicting information out there, as well as having to constantly compare yourself to how other people look, or how successful their lives appear. Even if you are aware that most social media is just snapshots of the best parts of people's lives, it can still have a negative impact on your life. So, if you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to others, or being overwhelmed by information, consider reducing the time you spend on social media a little.

Create a morning routine to follow

Many people will often try to start the day off as they wish to continue. What better way to do this than creating a morning routine that helps you wake up feeling refreshed and energized, ready to take on the day? Most morning routines actually start the night before, by making sure that you get enough sleep as this is an incredibly important part of repairing and recharging your body and mind. Once you have made sure that you are getting enough sleep, other things you could consider adding to your morning routine are meditations, breath work, stretches, and of course a strong and healthy breakfast. If you can start your day strong and build it up into a routine, this should help you destress in the long term.




Implementing physical activity

A lot of people currently live very sedentary lives, working desk jobs, driving or traveling to work, and watching TV or phone screens when relaxing. Living in this manner can cause many problems, including a buildup of stress. To help yourself avoid being in this situation, you could try adding small walks into your day to help you become more active, and who knows, maybe you will enjoy it enough to look into running, cycling, swimming, or even joining a local gym.

Whatever your circumstances are in life, there will be options available to you that will help you to destress. For now, why not try one of these top tips, and see if they help?


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