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Wake up and Make-Up !

Photo : Makeup-artist Facebeatboulevard .


We could not imagine to miss this wonderful woman. She is a great #makeupartist in Germany , but also flexible to travel. Everything you need to know about skincare and make-up , you will find out below. Grab a cup of water and enjoy reading this amazing interview. Aaannnnnd do not forget to follow her work on instagram @facebeatboulevard !


BP : Welcome Fanny , could you please introduce yourself to our readers ?

Fanny : Hi. And thank you so much for having me.I feel so honoured . I am Fanny Nzie, a bridal and editorial makeup artist from Cameroon,

based in Germany, and working in the beauty and fashion industry for 2 years now. I am also the founder of Face Beat Boulevard, a

facebook platform where I share and showcase my work to the world. When I am not changing diapers and doing the regular multi- tasking job of a mother, I am traveling, and enjoying the amazing company of people. I am a „people person“, so I place so much value

on creating the right atmosphere to network and connect with persons from every cultural background. The Makeup industry has played

a huge role in achieving this goal.

BP : We discovered you through Instagram. Since we do not only have german readers , could you please explain what

FaceBeatBoulevard means and represent ?

Fanny : (Giggles) Face Beat Boulevard is my own way of saying „Taste is Relative“.

When I first started with makeup, I wanted people to come into my world and imagine themselves walking through an art gallery with

images of the different makeup looks I have done, hanging on the walls of this gallery. To me, it was like walking down a boulevard when

window-shopping. Some makeup looks you love, others you don ́t.

However, the goal was to make customers understand that whatever the type of makeup look you are most likely drawn to, you

definitely will find and get it done on this boulevard. You just have to look through the images hanging on the walls of the gallery, and

pick your favorite look.

So, instead of calling it „Beauty Boulevard“ or „Makeup Boulevard“, „Face Beat Boulevard“ worked best because „Face Beat“ is an

american slang that best describes an impeccably, well done makeup. You are in for an excellent service and amazing versatility when

you walk through my door.

BP : How do you like the idea of Black Pepper Magazine?

Fanny : I loooove the the idea. It is an awesome initiative and I think it was about time someone made this happen. I think it is a wondeful way of

putting the African and Black culture out there in a positive, vibrant and colourful way. A way of stepping out of the regular sad stories

told about Africa and Africans, and to show the world that you can also attach Beauty , Fashion and Innovation to Africa , not just

poverty, hunger and political unrests. The latter stories are becoming boring.

BP : Can you give us the simplest and most effective way to moisturize different type of Skin before makeup ?

Fanny : Good makeup means good skin care. And good skin care depends very much on your skin type. Knowing and identifying your skin type

is prerequisite to knowing what skin care products you need to use. Basically, you either have dry, oily, combination or normal skin.

Skin is 30 percent water and lipids. Having hydrated skin is important to avoid it from being flaky and creating fissures that expose it to

bacteria. Thus the importance of wearing moisturizers, because they help to seal in the moisture with emollient ingredients and can help

draw in more moisture from the air.

Dry skin needs extra hydration.

Oily skin is a symptom of dehydration. The skin will always try to over-compensate dryness by producing sebum. That is why oily skin

needs oil-free moisturizers. These help to slow oil production and keep the skin hydrated.

Combination and normal skin has more options.

People with sensitive skin, must avoid products with fragrances.

One of the biggest goals in beauty, is to look younger. Therefore, finding a moisturizer that can penetrate deep into the skin ́s surface to

speed up the cell renewal process is key.

When aplying a moisturizer to your skin, quantities are also important. Apply too little and your skin remains dry. Apply too much and you

provide the skin with more than it can absorb. This is a sure way of getting clogged pores and breakouts. A drop or two of your

moisturizer should be enough.

Essentially, moisturizing the skin is a step that must be repeated twice daily after cleansing and/or exfoliating,making sure you gently

massage the cream into your skin for optimal aborbtion. Drinking a lot of water too helps immensely.

BP : When did you find out your passion with makeup?

Fanny : About four years ago, after I gave birth to my child. After watching so many youtube videos and recreating most makeup looks on

myself, I decided to take it a step further, and recreate these looks on other women. This presented a far more interesting challenge.

With time, my love and passion just got bigger and bigger as I worked with models, professional photographers and brides. Sometimes, I

am still surprised when I look how far I have come.

BP : Does makeup define a woman’s beauty?

Fanny : No. Makeup does not define a woman ́s beauty. It enhances her physical beauty by accentuating her most beautiful facial features and

concealing the flaws. I believe ATTITUDE and PERSONALITY define a woman ́s beauty.

BP : Thank you Fanny for being part of the first Issue of Black Pepper Magazine. One last question. Where can we follow you and

how can we book you for a special makeover?

Fanny : Thanks again for having me. I wish the Magazine so much success.

You can follow me on facebook (Face Beat Boulevard) and Instagram (@facebeatboulevard). Bookings can be made by contacting me

via Email: or by sending me a DM on my facebook page.


Clean and precise .


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