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About Us

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Black Pepper Magazine is a fashion/lifestyle magazine that supports black people and POC at every level of their lives. The mission of Black Pepper Magazine is to unite the Black community throughout the world. By highlighting fashion, beauty, entertainment, art, and all things Black culture. This award-winning publication is meant to inspire Black people to be the best version of themselves no matter what industry they're in. This publication educates the world about the Black /Indigenous excellence that happens in all countries. I invite you to pave a new way with us in the fashion and entertainment industry.

Black Pepper is more than a magazine, it’s a community based platform where BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color) feel at home.

We put a big exclamation mark on portraying black people in the best way possible. With love and passion , we are reuniting and reinforcing great legacies for the next generation.

Our 2023 motto is: Savoir-Vivre (The art of Life)

About the Founders :

The married couple Jealinho M. are the founders of Black Pepper Magazine.

The wife, Amina Erbin (CEO&Editor-in-Chief) is Congolese (DRCongo,Central Africa) and her husband, Marcus is Brazilian.

Amina once decided , in their living room in Germany, to create a magazine to bridge the gap of support among the black community worldwide. To also give upcoming talents and worth-mentioning life stories a platform to be noticed along with successful people. With Marcus baptizing the magazine BLACK PEPPER, the solid foundation was laid and a generational legacy was born in September 2018.


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