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A Love Letter To Myself - Chapter 1 - Black HerStory Month

Has anyone ever given you a love letter? If so, did you keep it? I bet you did. If it was well written, I bet you framed it. Have you ever given someone a love letter that they framed? No? Want to? It's the very best valentine gift you can give to yourself ! Yes, to YOURSELF.

You’re always with yourself, so you might as well enjoy the company

You want to know why ?

Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have

For that reason, we are introducing our new column called A love letter to myself. A column in collaboration with whomever wants to share their love to themselves with Black Pepper Magazine.

Chapter 1 : Rose Quartz

This piece was created as a reminder. It was solely based on past feelings that I have been neglecting because I was too afraid to admit what I was going through at the time. But for me to write this piece, part of me also had to be relived and discussed so I can get to the root of the message given in this letter. That being a conversation to myself by acknowledging that the person I am working towards is trying to heal for the sake of myself. But with that comes stagnant emotions. Rather than to dwell on what is meant to be forgiven, it is an ongoing reflection for a better beginning.

Kept in safe keeping, the truth began to unravel. I now know that it is too late to ask for your forgiveness from others, but I am begging you not to give up on our self-worth. We started working on us for the better, while we tend to each opening from our past that was pocketed in lack of concentration. I have told us that in order to save us from the recognizable shown as a reality, we must first come to common ground with common folk we once had so much hope in. I believed that our love is a dying breed that could not be held to substantial standard next to the belittling self-pity received due to rather being alone than to remain in the arms of someone who meant us nothing but harm. That is a mistake I must live with for the rest of our remaining days. Each story is told by two sides. Like so, you were alwayswill be the better half of me. A fixation that I’ve chosen to set you free. When there is nothing left, I will remember my ways, and that it was my doings that guided me alongside each step of the way to find myself back here where we stand aligned for the sake of living and not just to level when being asked “what’s wrong” we hold onto our smiles and rebuttal with a subtle, “I’m fine.”

Sincerely, Her

Aniliyah R.

IG @as.toldby.her


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