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Quarantine Connections | Online Dating

As a child, I imagined meeting my soulmate while out, grabbing a cup of coffee, or at a random event surrounded by a group of friends. A cut straight out of Moesha if you will. Time would stop and I would be swept right off my feet. We would go on a few dates and I would possess a cute, yet predictable story to share with family and friends.

After one failed attempt at marriage, I like to believe I’ve landed on my eternal flame, even so, we didn’t meet nearly the way I anticipated. We didn’t meet in person at all, we met on Facebook.

I imagine most of us would prefer a movie-esque first encounter, but in present-day, we have to be realistic. The aforementioned scenarios very well could, and do occasionally still happen however, dating apps have curated a space for millions to connect with individuals from all walks of life. Oh, and did I mention we’re also in the midst of a global pandemic? That being said, distance is kind of what we’re all about right now.

Despite the use of the internet being at an all-time high, many still experience difficulty navigating online social engagement, and when it comes to online dating? It can be like a scene straight from Barry Bowles, “The Chatroom.” That film was released in 2002 so if you don’t understand the reference that’s okay, just insert your own worst nightmare.

All jokes aside, as frightening as finding a partner online may seem I can reassure you there is hope.

To help you find your special someone in that big ol’ sea of never-ending fish, we’ve carefully composed a list of the top dating sites specifically curated for Black users.

BLK: A subsidiary of Match Group, BLK has become the largest dating app for Black singles. Founded in Dallas in 2017, the app now showcases over 3 million downloads.

Black People Meet - Black Dating Network for Black Singles: BlackPeopleMeet prides themselves on being the, “premier online dating service for Black singles.” with a member base of approximately 1.5 million.

Black Dating & Singles at™: In partnership with Cupid Media network, BlackCupid is able to supply a path to both local and international love connections tailored for user excitement.

Elite Singles | Meet Like-minded Black Singles: The majority of EliteSingles members in the U.S. are listed as, “educated professionals juggling fast-paced careers and active lives.” That being said, the service seeks to streamline user experiences to increase ease and efficiency.

A new german Dating & Black Business app that creates a solid communication and networking platform within the Black community. A place that belongs to you, interested parties and us.

A few closing tips. One site at a time is O.K.! No need to oversaturate. Also, if you want to test the waters with various partners that is also absolutely fine but don’t feel pressured. That being said, while it is okay to start slow, you don’t want to be stuck in a loophole. Once you’re comfortable, arrange a time to meet. Ideally in public, and if that happens to be at a COVID testing site, that is likewise welcome.

Are you more team #traditionaldating or #onlinedating? Comment below.

Social Media poll results:

60% Traditional Dating

40% Online Dating


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